10 Jun 2017

So I got to San Francisco yesterday and it was a pretty scary experience. Lots of kinda sketchy homeless people along with the inherent danger of being away from home and in my own care. I have to go and get my own food from the store and live on my own in a dorm. I have to manage my own money on certain essentials. A lot of responsibility to drop on a 15 year old. But, it’s not like I haven’t had some experience in this area before. For example, I’ve gone to another summer program in Louisiana that lasted 7 weeks where we lived in dorm rooms and went to classes, but it was on a closed campus. This is in the middle of San Francisco. Like I said, it’s intimidating and scary, but it’s also exciting! I’m looking forward to classes starting on Monday and getting to know some more kids that are attending Horizons. Really hyped for the stuff we’re gonna be learning, too. Overall, it’s definitely a very different lifestyle than what I’m used to, and I’m open to embracing it.