Plans for the summer

25 May 2017

Now that school just ended (today was the last day), I can start enjoying my summer. This summer, I’m going to the Horizons School of Technology and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m leaving for it on June 8th and it officially starts on June 12th. It’s in San Francisco so there should be tons of cool tech stuff there. The program lasts for 7 weeks (ends on July 30th) and we code five days a week mostly in JavaScript. It’s going to be the first real formal and structured setting for learning to code and I’m super hyped about it. The program is normally for University students, but this year is the first year that they’ve opened it up for high schoolers. We’re going to be taking the same courses alongside the University students, but just different living areas. Only about 10 high schoolers got in out of over 400 that applied! That kind of came off as a brag, but I don’t mind. I’m proud of myself for getting in :)